From the Desk of the CEO


Dear Team Members!

It is unlikely any will forget the year of 2020. For the CorroHealth team, the year came with more than it’s share of memorable moments. Amid a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team came together in some impressive ways. I wanted to pay tribute to a few specific areas that myself and our leadership consider significant.

We pivoted. Quick response was required of the CorroHealth team early in the pandemic to move over 2,000 team members to work from home environments. This was not an easy task as we also had a 72-hour window with which to make the move. Again, our team stepped up to deliver. We worked across our global and domestic teams to deploy strategies utilized in other segments of our company for work from home operations. We organized device distribution plans and found creative ways around issues. Our united and driven team DNA showed up when it was needed most.

We balanced. Serving the healthcare industry often means we have a responsibility to continue operating and delivering solutions even amid the pandemic environment. This year we saw our team members balance the responsibilities of a constantly changing home life with the demands of continued delivery for our clients. While this was likely a painful process for many, it speaks to the caliber of our team that we continued to deliver for both our clients and our loved ones.

We grew. At the beginning of 2020, we combined four organizations with a vision of growth and additional value we could provide the industry across the reimbursement cycle. While the pandemic threw off our initial roadmap and plans, we still managed to combine our organizations into a cohesive team. 4,000+ team members across North America and India continued to grow our solutions and our client base. This cohesive team also rolled out a new name and brand, CorroHealth.

What you, our team, has accomplished in 2020 serves as a cornerstone to a bright and promising future for CorroHealth. Entering 2021 we will continue to focus on delivering for our clients through our greatest asset, you. From all the leadership of CorroHealth, thank you for a memorable year.

Here’s to 2021!

Pat Leonard
CEO, CorroHealth