Our COVID-19 Response

The 1st Successful Transition to WFH


Visionary RCM was the first global operations vendor to make the successful transition of a large, centralized operations team to work-from-home operations. Within 72 hours of the nationwide lockdown period starting in India, the Visionary RCM team shifted over 2,100 team members to secure operations at home.


How we Responded:

  • 2,191 team members moved to work-from-home operations in 72 hours
  • Included federal authorities’ approval for necessary hardware transitions
  • SOP designed by renowned Physicians and health experts
  • Established secure connections and operations for 97% of the team

How We are Remaining Secure:

  • All equipment owned and provided by Visionary RCM
  • Security best practices on End Point devices
  • Multiple security connections, each layer with its own Multifactor Authentication
  • Multiple layers of security isolation in place to access client data
  • 24x7x365 security and networking monitoring
  • Clean Desk environment enforced with a WFH policy & agreement

Our Capability from Home:

  • Delivering 100% of productivity standards
  • Achieving 104% on-going Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • 3 shift operations for maximum availability
  • Downtime avoidance through dual internet connectivity options
  • 20% buffer capacity across all projects

Read the full story of this transition effort and hear from the Visionary RCM leaders on the experience via an article produced with our sister organization at www.TrustHCS.com/moving-2000-to-wfh.