Facility Coding Review & Audit

Clients can leverage VRCM’s credentialed Nurse Practitioners and coding resources in Undertaking Coding & Audits for Hospitals, DRG & DRG short stay audits & APC validation. Our medical coders are experienced in supporting a variety of environments, from acute care facilities to physicians services and insurance companies. Our facility audit solutions provide an objective, well-documented, third-party coding audit for inpatient, inpatient coding services, outpatient and professional service lines

Our Key Highlights Key Services:

  • DRG & DRG Short Stay Review: Based on deep clinical and industry expertise, our DRG services provide a comprehensive review and recoding of medical charts based upon the procedures and diagnoses billed by the provider to ensure the appropriate DRG is reimbursed by the payer
  • Hospital Bill / Chart Audits: Our robust facility claims review ensures that our clients have up-to-date coding audit results to meet the compliance requirement.
  • Compliance Review: We offer comprehensive APC, DRG and documentation compliance reviews focused on helping healthcare organizations minimize financial risk, and manage the revenue cycle.

Talent Pool Why VRCM:

  • VRCM has proven expertise across diverse chart types including Inpatient, Emergency departments, outpatient diagnostics, clinics, interventional radiology and observations
  • Our per chart pricing model provides more cost transparency and predictability vs. a per hour model which other vendors promote
  • Our auditors are Nurse Practitioners with over 5 years of experience in analysis of ICD-9, CPT and HCPCs codes.,
  • We provide detailed results, including preliminary and final reports describing coding accuracy rates, reimbursement impact, documentation quality, trends, outcome recommendations.